Monday, 6 February 2012

Shopping spreee

So while I was having a hungover day last Wednesday ASOS decided to e-mail me telling me they were offering 25% for students and free next day delivery, which in my fragile state got me very excited. I logged on and added about 6 things to my basket, TOTALLY ruining my New Year's resolution and ordered them all. It came to a grand total of £150.

-Not a student budget.

So once the package finally arrived (I was out the first time they tried to deliver it!) I tried all the stuff on and loved it all, but surprising myself I had enough will power to send it all back. Eveeen though my best friend was sat there telling me how perfect this bodice & skirt outfit would be for a birthday I have on Friday. Proud.

(Skirt £30 & Bodice £35 both Asos)

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hi everyone :) Had a pretty busy week just gone because it was refreshers, which meant lots of nights out.. And as I was only in uni for 2 days so made the most of it as hearing how much coursework I have to do this term made me want to cry. Thought I would let you see what I wore on my nights out...

On Wednesday I wasn't actually meant to be going out but me and my two friends Cara & Hannah decided to go to a pop-up shop event for the Haggard Case, which a vintage brand in Aberdeen. I broke my New Years resolution of not allowing myself to buy any new clothes until I go to London with my course on the 22nd February (sooo excited) and bought myself a really lovely vintage shirt but I guess vintage doesn't reeeally count?

-anyway we had a few cocktails and me and Cara decided that heading to Ran$om was a good idea..

-Got a group together and headed to Gavrillo on Thursday which was alot of fun, we forgot to take any pictures though so the only one I have is the one below, where we are all looking a bit crazy. But I wore a black mini, a gorgeous purple sequin cami I got in the Topshop sale with my over-sized black clutch. 

On Friday a big group of my friends from home were up which was lovely as I got to see them all :) It was like the arctic in Aberdeen that night so I put my shirt on over my outfit and ended up wearing it all night!

aaaaand on Saturday we headed out to my friend's birthday which was alot of fun. I also wore a dress that I got at the clothes show last year, its a biit sort though so a black skirt underneath was necessary!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bags of Style

Zara - £23
Kurt Geiger - £19

Topshop - £32

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a nice weekend, I certainly am! Got an e-mail on Friday from the team at Good Housekeeping and they have decided to offer me a work experience placement for a month next January, so I'm over the moon, its nice to see some of my hard work has paid off! Now magazine have also sent me an article assignment so hopefully they like what I write and I get something to fill up my summer.

Went out last night and got a little too drunk, but oh well I was celebrating after all. A few friends from home came up to visit which was nice because I didn't get to spend as much time as I'd liked at home over Christmas. But have spent the day today eating everything in sight to feed my hangover.. And spending my saturday night in bed recovering so I'm fresh for work tomorrow!

Anyway I thought I would blog you some of the beautiful bags I got over Christmas, the first is a sequined clutch I got in the Zara sale for £23. I had my eye on it for a while so when I saw it in the sale I just had to get it! I love how it can instantly dress up an outfit aand theres tons of little compartments inside so things don't get  lost on nights out!

Bag number 2 is actually a make up bag I picked up in the Kurt Geiger sale for £19. A bit expensive I know (it was down from £40) but I fell in love with the pattern and its the first make up bag Ive managed to find that actually fits all my make up an brushes in it!

And last but not least is this gorgeous clutch I got as a present from my mum for Christmas. I chose it before hand but still! It looks like vintage but its actually Topshop! I really liked the nude panels they do it with sky blue panels too, and its real leather so not too bad for £32! :)

Anyway I will stop now! Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Love Hannah xoxox

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hello Again!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I had a lovely time at home with the family, a nice relaxed Christmas and I hit the sales on Boxing day - got some amazing bargains which I will blog soon. Spent New Year's eve in Edinburgh which was amaziing fun of what I remember! I managed to get a gorgeous red dress in the sale from ASOS for only £24 and I love it, heres a pic of it and a few of my friends:

I have been using my holidays productively (ishh) I have been applying for internships and work experience during the summer, so I have been glued to my computer, perfecting my CV and writing cover letter after cover letter.. I hope all my hard work pays off and I actually get something. I had a few e-mails back, but they all said their placements are all full up :( Howeveeer I did get a promising e-mail from Now magazine, who have given me a little assignment and if it goes down well I will hopefully be heading to London this summer!

I am saving but I did manage to fit in a few nights out (of course!) we went out last Saturday and had so much fun, it was the first time I got to see all of my friends from halls since before Christmas so it was nice to see everyone all together. I borrowed a gorgeous fish tail dress off my flatmate Cara and she borrowed my New Years dress so we matched both wearing red!

Short Dress - ASOS Long Dress - LOVE@Topshop

Hope everyone has a nice Friday I'm going to be treating myself to a night out! Just need to find something to wear.. And then I'm styling a photoshoot on Monday, which I'm very excited about!

Love Hannah xoxo

Monday, 12 December 2011

Late Night Shopping

So I went late night shopping on Thursday and probably bought a few too many things I shouldn't have! I was a bit annoyed actually because New Look have 50% off their party wear at the moment so I picked up a sequin skirt and a pair of black, crotchet shorts. Took them to the till and they weren't part of the offer even thought they were in the same section! But I bought them anyway..
I also got a pair of black ankle boots, I've been looking for a pair like them for a while so was so happy to get them at the bargain price of £11.99, made up for the party wear mistake!

This is a picture of the sequin gold skirt I got and wore out with this low, scoop back top and lots of gold necklaces on friday night!

And you can see my shoes here sorry I could'nt get the picture to copy over! :(

aaaand finally if you love my friend Claire's skirt (which I do!) you can get it at River Island for £40 :)
Love Hannah xoxo

Monday, 5 December 2011

Topshop Wishlist.

There are so many lovely things I want from Topshop just now, I can see myself spending my wages before I even get them! Firstly any of these 3 pairs of gorgeous shoes would go down a treat right now, as I need some new heels for the Christmas party season. 
£100 - £58 - £65 
Then there's the bags I have had my eye on, the tan and nude clutch is my favorite, I absolutely LOVE it, and its only £32! The other satchel bag would be great for going to and from uni but don't know if I can quite justify the £55 price tag at the moment...
Topshop have also got some great party pieces in, here is what I'm lusting after...
Corset £30 & Camisole £26
Hannah xoxo

Dragon Fashion

So you will know about H&M's collaboration with Versace and you will have probably heard by now about their Marni announcement, but what you may not know is that they are launching another new collaboration collection..
On 14th December their first ever movie collaboration will hit stores. The movie in question will be The Girl with the Dragon tattoo. The clothes, of course, reflect the films dark anti-heroine with lots of skinny jeans, ripped tees and dark tones giving the collection a grunge feel. The 30 piece collection will be sold in 180 stores worldwide, I am interested to see if it causes the same fashion frenzy as Donatella did!
Heres a few of my favorite pieces...

Hannah xoxo